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Wedding Venue Near Me

  Are You Looking for a Romantic Wedding Venue? Here’s Where You Can Find a Wedding Venue Near Me in Wairarapa

Are you trying to find a romantic wedding venue? If you’re asking, “Where can I find a wedding venue near me?” and live in or around Wairarapa, then The Landing at Home Bush is the right place for you. The Landing at Home Bush has been functioning as an event venue for around a decade. They have experience in helping plan and carry out the specifics of your special day, so that you can rest easy knowing that your event will be placed in a beautiful setting.
If you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful wedding in the countryside, then this is the place you’ve been searching for. They have acres of charming country gardens, so you can find the perfect backdrop for saying their vows.
They know that finding a wedding venue isn’t always easy, but they would be happy to show you around their facility and talk to you more about pricing, availability and the amenities they offer. Please reach out to them by filling out a contract form or by emailing them directly at No matter what kind of event you have in mind, they are prepared to help you host it at their fantastic venue. To see more of their grounds before you arrive, please check their gallery, videos and blog. They look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to The Landing at Home Bush.

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